A Mother is born too…

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A Mother is born too…

Our ‘why’ for building our Gift Hampers to supply as the best baby shower gifts for new mums that actually support her. Becoming a mother is a journey in itself, and we’re here to help a Mumma morph into this new phase…

How many WTF moments have you experienced in your lifetime?

The biggest WTF moment might have come when a new mum-to-be stares blankly at the two pink lines on the stick.

The shock pulses through her and for a moment she is so taken back, she doesn’t move, blink and she isn’t even sure she is breathing. She is about to be a Mum. Someones Mother. Fuck.

In that moment, she has no idea of the events that lay ahead of her. No baby book or Mum blog can prepare her for Motherhood. So many words of conflicting wisdom. Can she or can’t she eat cheese? WTF is a mucous plug?

No one ever told her, that day by day she will watch her belly expand until her once tall shoulders become a little more tired and uneasy as she surrenders her body to this baby, and Motherhood.

They never told her that her pregnancy cravings might be too weird to even talk about. Like her sudden desire for an alarming amount of Nutella on by the spoonful. Or tuna and lettuce with fish sauce drizzled on top – true story (yum).

The Hollywood movies don’t show the random night sweats and weird patches of hair sprouting in parts of her unassuming body.

Nobody talks about leg cramps & puffy fingers and toes.

They never mentioned that her relationship with her partner will be tested. The person she once stared at with love heart eyes is excruciatingly loud when they chew, breathe, move – whatever.

No one explained that she might not feel like herself for a little while. And that sometimes, that’s ok.

That she will cry tears of joy at the thought of meeting her baby and tears of raw, intense fear for the unknown person she will be when her little human is here.

She will wonder if her body will ever feel the same again or if she will ever be ready.

She will apologise for feeling crazy and hungry and anxious.

She will wonder if her stretch marks will disappear with time if she rubs enough bio oil on them.

She contemplates if she can actually do this and if she’s capable.

She frantically googles baby item packing lists for the hospital – what will she need and how can she possibly pack for a tiny person she’s never met? This super cute miniature sized tuxedo outfit is the cutest thing she’s ever seen but chances are… its the most impractical thing EVER.

Then it hits her….What will SHE need to do this? Google seems to think some stretchy pants and pads the size of surf boards are the way to go…Again – WTF?

Here is the thing…

This woman can & will because she’s fierce. Even on the days she think’s she isn’t. On those days especially, she is fierce.

She will connect with her partner again and look at them with more love than ever when she realises that they aren’t just her partner anymore, they’re her support, her strength, and they’ve entered this journey together. It’s the two of them, who will stand swaying in the dark, with the glow of the battery-powered candles in the hospital delivery suite. It’s the two of them who will feel the relief between the contractions, and she rests her head against the cool face washer they hold to her neck. It’s the two of them who will take turns rubbing clary-sage on each others wrists, reminding each other to be calm, and to rest.

It’s the two of them who, in the midst of using the back-roller massager while she labours on the shower floor, silently thank their friends who had the foresight to help them on this journey.

Friends who have paved this road of birth and babies before, with as many different experiences as the rainbow has colours. Friends who knew the unprepared feeling of the unknown can be crippling. So they prepared her with the Survival Kit.

This woman is about go through life with a stronger, more resilient and more courageous part of herself, she just doesn’t know it yet. The WTF moments will soften into new WTF moments, as she ventures into motherhood.

One day, a few moons later… she will peer down at the tiniest finger nails she has ever seen, the pinkest little legs and a heart shaped mouth that pouts as she sleeps. She will feel a love bigger than any fear or any pain or any uncertainty.

The cravings and sweats and weird patches of hair will fade eventually although her body might never be the same, it will be a new body. A stronger body that carried and gave birth to life.

She will walk out of the hospital doors a few days later with a love bigger than she ever thought possible. A love for herself, her body, her birth story- whatever road it took her down. She will absolutely feel love for the ice packs in her bra and undies; her biggest comfort. She will absolutely love her friends, who on the backs of their own birth journeys, had the insight to prepare her, and hand her the Survival Kit box.

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    So informative look forth to coming back.

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