Gift Box



A custom made gift hamper personalized with your own special touch. Made by you, for a Mumma in mind.

Choose from our endless list of flawless goodies to create the tailor-made hamper that’ll suit your Mumma as well as we suit Chris Hemsworth

Breast and Perineal Remedial Ice & Heat Packs

  • Breast and Perineal Remedial Ice & Heat Packs $49.95

    With two comfy gel-bead breast pads and a dependable perineum strip, these bad boys provide cooling or warming relief in all your V.I.P (Very important Part’s), and are excellent at relieving discomfort, inflammation, and pain immediately post-birth, and for various breastfeeding issues during the breastfeeding period (including mastitis and breast engorgement)
    Pregnancy and childbirth isn’t always known for being pain-free, super comfortable, or all together physically cruisy.… BUT neither is eating a jalapeno burrito with extra siracha.
    Luckily, we’ve got ways to help ease your body through it (childbirth….not the burrito, you’re on your own there, hun)
    Throw these into your bra and undies for instant comfort and relief, and for multiple uses for the rest of your Mumma days.

Timber Newborn Announcement Sign

  • Timber Newborn Announcement Sign $12.95

    Let’s make an entrance, kiddo.
    This gorgeous wooden sign is handcrafted with a smooth surface for you to write on. Throw it (not really) next to your new little creature for that classic ‘Welcome To The World’ social media post, and have just that touch of something extra.

Back Massage Roller

  • Back Massage Roller $19.95

    Ohhhhhh Mumma. You are going to be thanking us for this one. Your birthing partner won’t, but it’s not really about them now, is it?
    Promoting relaxation, removing tension, and helping you zone out, it’s a great little tool that we wish more people had with them in labour!
    Formally to be your birth partners ‘Official Job’, this back-roller is absolutely DIVINE for having your upper and lower back massaged and pressure points hit between contractions.
    We actually don’t like selling these because it means we don’t have any in the office to use on ourselves. Sad.

Electric Candles

  • Electric Candles $9.95

    Three of these mood-setting mother-lovers will help create that calm, dimly lit, soothing and safe environment that every Labouring Lady deserves.
    Let’s go back to ancient times (stay with me on this one)……
    Back in the day of Dinosaurs, if a pregnant cave-lady felt safe, secure, and could be vulnerable in that space, then her labour would progress as her body relaxed and went with it.
    However, if a big bad bear came knocking on her cave-door, her labour would either speed up so she could have that kid and get the heck out of there, or stop and fizzle out, so she could use those gorgeous cave lady legs to run.
    SO, let’s try and re-make the perfect cave for this Mumma, and encourage a safe space where she can do her thing in the dark. Courtesy of these flickering electric candles.
    Go, girl.

Clary Sage Essential Oil

  • Clary Sage Essential Oil $19.95

    We’ve thrown our organic Clary Sage into our Survival Kit’s specifically for our Mumma’s, as this little Queen of essential oil helps to reduce cramping pain when used in early labour!
    What a gal!
    Our Australian made old school essential oil helps calm the mind and reduce feelings of anxiety and stress, nervous tension, while also known to help our labouring Mumma’s.
    Clary Sage is also busy having antibacterial properties and working full time as a natural antidepressant.
    Clary Sage also likes long walks on the beach, and to be called sweet names like ‘baby’ and ‘honey’ but never ‘darl’.
    We recommend rubbing Clary Sage onto the wrists or adding to a diffuser.

24K Gold Under Eye Gel Masks

  • 24K Gold Under Eye Gel Masks $4.00

    Come here, Mumma. Rest those gorgeous, slightly tired, eyes.
    Have you ever woken up with puffy eyes after a late night?
    Well, it’s like that. Plus minimal sleep. Throw in a Newborn. Add a pinch of exhaustion from birth. And finally, a generous dash of REALLY enthusiastic visitors during the day.
    Congratulations. You have yourself a Mumma who needs these.
    Only the best will do for our Mumma’s, so these 24K Gold Under Eye Gel Masks are soothing, cooling, and revitalising, and will make her Midwife jealous.

Choc Chip Lactation Cookies

  • Choc Chip Lactation Cookies $19.95

    These lactation cookies will load you up with essential vitamins, minerals and good fats giving you the energy your body needs to recover after bringing a life into the work (p.s. you’re incredible), as well as coping with sleep deprivation, hormonal rollercoasters, and all the other joys this newborn offers.
    Enjoy these devilish delights for all their marvellous benefits…or just enjoy them with a cuppa during a Netflix binge and eat them all yourself (judge free zone, Mumma).
    Alright, your partner can have one if they beg…..but only one.
    These bite-sized delights are also packed with galactagogues – ingredients that have been used for MILLENIA to support healthy milk supply and make a milkshake that’ll bring all the boys to your yard.
    These salacious little treats keep our Mumma’s going by filling you with natural superfoods like oats, chia seeds, coconut oil, buckwheat flour and flaxseeds *drool*
    They are also VEGAN and don’t contain any dairy or eggs. We’ve also made sure they’re free from refined sugar, additives and preservatives because only the best will do for a Birth Boss like you.
    We love supplying these itty bitty titty snacks to our Mumma’s, especially because these cookies don’t just support you, they support other mums and families who might be struggling to adjust to parenthood. A portion of every sale from our suppliers is donated to PANDA, supporting parents who ask for help managing Perinatal Anxiety and Depression in Australia.


    Australian oats, organic buckwheat flour, organic coconut oil, organic coconut sugar, organic maple syrup, dark compound chocolate chips (8%) (sugar, vegetable fat, cocoa powder, emulsifier [soy lecithin], vanilla flavour), brewer’s yeast, flaxseed meal, natural vanilla extract, chia seeds, citrus fibre, salt, bicarbonate of soda, water.
    *Manufactured on equipment that also makes products containing soy, gluten, dairy and nuts

Organic Lactation Tea

  • Organic Lactation Tea $12.90

    This organic loose leaf tea is doing more than your average collection of dried roots and is ideal for Mumma’s who are planning to Breastfeed!
    Supporting lactation and encouraging increased milk supply, you’re providing this Mumma with the key to tranquillity (yes, really).

    This tea is the key to a Mumma pausing for five minutes of peace, while smugly enjoying this nightcap. Give her permission to kick back and relax after a long day of Mumma life. Throw out the in-laws. Turn off the lights. Lock the door. And let her enjoy this blended loose leaf tea, free of caffeine, gluten and dairy, on the couch, with some time to herself. However brief. She can close her eyes and pretend she’s in Byron Bay, where this magical tea is curated.

    Enjoy 1-3 cups daily for mild to full effects. Suitable for mum to drink from birth.


    • Rosehip
    • Rose
    • Hibiscus
    • Lemongrass
    • Vervain
    • Nettle
    • Blessed Thistle
    • Goats Rue

Maternity Pads

  • Maternity Pads $5.95

    Now here’s a case of where size matters.
    And honey, bigger really is better.Trust us.
    These reliable, winged maternity pads are here to support you in the most important parts.
    Let’s not beat around the bush. You’ve just had a baby, and comfort is of most importance. Just like a good pasta and wine (mmm, remember wine?), pair your most comfortable undies with our Maternity Pads for maximum comfort post-baby.

Lip Balm

  • Lip Balm $2.50

    Ah, the reliable old’ handbag essential.
    That always. Gets left.In the handbag.
    Heavy breathing for hours, some intermittent swearing, and using the gas for pain relief can leave our labouring ladies with super dry cracked lips. Nobody needs that on the best of days, let alone when you’re busy in labour.
    Get your Mumma a Lipbalm that she can leave in her Hospital Bag for the big day, SHE WILL THANK YOU FOREVER. We guarantee it.

Hair Ties

  • Hair Ties $3.00

    Do you know how annoying it is to have hair on your face while you’re in labour?
    You’re hot. You’re tired. You’re huffing and puffing. You’re going to blow this house down.
    (Sorry. We know you’re not a Big Bad Wolf)
    So here are three reliable, durable, hair elastics, at your service.
    Throw your hair up in a messy bun, and get it done. Hair-annoyingly-in-face-while-pushing free!
    You’re welcome, hun.

Hand Sanitizer

  • Hand Sanitizer $3.95

    We feel like this one is self-explanatory, but we’ll give you a rough ‘how-to’ guide anyway.
    So. Many. Nappy’s.
    Sometimes, they’re a handful. In more ways than one.
    Welcome to parenthood.

i-phone Charger

  • Phone Charger $19.95

    Enjoy sending out new of the newborn with your fully charged phone, because even though you left your charger beside your bed at home, we’ve got your back and included one in our Survival Kits.

    The illusive Phone Charger. Always absent when you need it most! Enjoy sending out new of the newborn with your fully charged phone, because even though you left your charger beside your bed at home, we’ve got your back and included one in our Survival Kits! You lucky duck.

Hospital Toiletries Pack

  • Toiletries Pack $8.50

    Providing you with…

    • Toothbrush
    • Toothpaste
    • Make-Up Wipes
    • Shampoo & Conditioner

    It’s so annoying, right?
    You’ve got your Hospital Bag sitting by the door, ready for D Day. But you can’t put things like your shower necessities in it, or throw your toothbrush in yet because you need those between now and the day your body decides to boot that baby out!
    So, we’ve thrown it in there for you. That way, when things get hectic, you can grab that bag and go.
    No last-minute additions that you’re trying to add between contractions….or forgetting them totally!
    We’ve got your back Mumma xx

Baby Wrap

  • Baby Wrap $14.95

    We figured this one didn’t really need explaining….except to say that these beautiful wraps come in both cotton and linen fabrics, are gender-neutral, and washed with hypoallergenic detergent prior to sale.
    Aren’t you wrapped? (sorry, we had to)

Nipple Cream

  • Nipple Cream $17.50

    Someone tell us what this Nipple Cream isn’t good for?
    Take your time. We’ll wait.
    This gorgeously smooth criminal cream is…
    100% medical-grade lanolin, pure and natural, safe for breastfeeding (we feel like that last one’s obvious)
    Doesn’t need to be removed before a feed Is free from parables, additives, preservatives, and fragrance-free
    Helps replenish your skins natural level of lipids to correct its moisture balance in the nipple tissue
    Reinforces your skins natural barrier properties

    This cream can’t…
    Get any better
    Fold a fitted sheet

Sleep Eye Mask

  • Sleep Eye Mask $8.50

    Hospitals can be bright and noisy places. Emphasis on the noisy aspect with that angelic Newborn sleeping beside you, right?
    We felt it sent the wrong message to include earplugs, but we couldn’t resist including these eye masks to help you get the rest that you need as a new Mumma.
    Even if it’s only a short nap!

Face Washer

  • Face Washer $2.00

    This poor underrated rag is surprisingly useful, trust us on this one.
    During labour, this helpful handcloth is ideal for being dipped in cold water and held on the back of a hard-working woman’s neck or back for soothing relief and comfort.
    And when the fun part labour is over and this baby is earthside, save some laundry!
    Instead of changing the cot sheet 1459 times a day, this diverse dishcloth can be used to spare the cot sheet from copping all the Vom’s.
    Place the face washer alongside baby’s head if they’re a frequent flyer to the Capitol City of Spit Up, and save yourself changing the whole bed.

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