Electric Candles

Electric Candles 3 pack
Electric Candles 3 pack

Electric Candles


Three of these mood-setting mother-lovers will help create that calm, dimly lit, soothing and safe environment that every Labouring Lady deserves.


Let’s go back to ancient times (stay with me on this one)……

Back in the day of Dinosaurs, if a pregnant cave-lady felt safe, secure, and could be vulnerable in that space, then her labour would progress as her body relaxed and went with it.

However, if a big bad bear came knocking on her cave-door, her labour would either speed up so she could have that kid and get the heck out of there, or stop and fizzle out, so she could use those gorgeous cave lady legs to run.

SO, let’s try and re-make the perfect cave for this Mumma, and encourage a safe space where she can do her thing in the dark. Courtesy of these flickering electric candles.
Go, girl.


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