Well hello you gorgeous Mumma

Well hello you gorgeous Mumma

It’s about time we met, wouldn’t you say?
I’m Georgia, the sometimes stunning, occasionally tired face behind ‘For The Mummas’ – a gift hamper for new Mums, the best baby shower gift.
I’m a Melbourne Midwife with a fierce love for advocating, empowering, and supporting Mummas, who more than deserve it.
Specifically, ‘For The Mummas’ is all about building New Mum hampers, aka care packages, to buy as gifts for new mums.

These gift hampers provide the tools for women who are about to crush labour and life with a newborn for the first time….or the second (if that’s the case, welcome back to the battle field, babe).
These ladies are busy working, travelling, and living, all while just casually…oh I don’t know… GROWING AN ENTIRE HUMAN BEING?!

My mission is to create a Gift Hamper that gives Mummas everything they need in labour, and immediately post birth. And trust me, I’ve seen it all.
In the hype of having a teeny tiny new baby, I’ve looked over to see husbands, partners, family, friends, everyone, surrounding the new baby, a miracle that’s just entered this new world.
Naturally, everyone is in awe of this perfect kid. But… I also see the Mumma.
People tend to forget about Mummas when babies are around. We ask how the baby is, what does it need, can we hold the baby, what presents can we buy for it…..but what about the Mumma?

She’s often sitting half naked, uncomfortable, silently in shock and awe of herself and her amazing and endlessly clever, aching, body.
Never forget the hard work she endured to carry this child, PLUS the hard road ahead to both heal herself from birth, care for her family, while having to provide for this new little life.
What do Mummas really need?
Hot tip; New baby toys and baby wraps are lovely….for the baby.

But…. these Gift Hampers are For The Mummas!

Inspired by having taken care of countless women who are bossing birth but forgot to pack the essentials. These labouring ladies lean over to me between contractions and request for a back massage roller to help their lower back pain, or plead for a hair tie as they labour in the shower, or (by far the most popular) whisper for some lip-balm, which I’ve often had to offer an unopened newie from my own work bag.

A girls got to do what a girls got to do.

I’ve been through enough births to learn that the devil’s in the details, and that the little things make the biggest difference in the Delivery Suite.
So, I’ve thrown it all (not really) in a box and made a Gift Hampers for Melbourne Mummas.
Mummas need Ice Packs, Lactation Tea, Maternity Pads, a Back-Roller massage balls….the list goes on and on!


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